2015-2016 Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship Winner

We’re thrilled to announce the second annual Zinggia Ohio Scholarship Winner for the Arts…drum roll… Brooke Eilers!

We had a lot of submissions from many qualified young artists, but we kept being drawn back to Brooke’s work. She’s quite skilled with a paintbrush and seems to be an all around great student too. Seriously, just take a look at the art samples that she sent us!!! She also sells some of her artwork at conventions and online.

Brooke is going to the Savannah College of Art & Design and plans to major in Animation and Sequential arts. Her dream career would be to work for Disney as a character designer and storyboard artist. She also aspires to accept an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film (will you thank us in your acceptance speech Brooke?). We have no doubt that Brooke will be successful in her future art pursuits, because, ya know, she obviously ROCKS!

Here’s a Q&A we did with Brooke during her first year of art school. And she also did a second Q&A during her second year of school. No surprise, she’s doing fantastic n art school!

Check out the scholarship requirements for the Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship for high school art students in Ohio. Art Scholarships in Ohio are awarded yearly to a deserving Ohio art student who wishes to pursue a career in illustration, graphic design, photography, or any art related program. The mission of the Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students whose creativity, inventiveness, and desire for foil-wrapped burrito goodness knows no limits!

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