2016-2017 Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship Winner

We’re elated to announce the third annual Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship Winner Osi Okoro!

We had a ton of submissions from many qualified young artists this year, but we kept going back to Osi’s work. Of course we were first drawn in by her super-duper artsy envelope. Cut paper, stickers, a collage with hand drawn elements. Pretty sweet Osi! She’s skilled with traditional mediums as well as digital art. For real, just take a look at the samples she submitted for our art scholarship!!! And while your eyes are glazing over by how awesome her art is, check out her tumblr page for even more eye-popping art.

Osi will attend Bowling Green State University and plans to major in Digital Art or Animation. Her dream jobs would be to animate cartoons, draw storyboards for films, and make album art for indie bands. We know Osi will have a successful career in art because, ya know, this girl obviously ROCKS already!

We’ll follow up with Osi next year to see how she’s doing in her first year of school. Check back on our website for her Q&A next year.

2016-2017 Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship Submissions

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Check out the scholarship requirements for the Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship for high school art students in Ohio. Art Scholarships in Ohio are awarded yearly to a deserving Ohio art student who wants to pursue a career in illustration, graphic design, photography, or any art related program. The mission of the Zinggia Ohio Art Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students whose creativity, inventiveness, and desire for foil-wrapped burrito goodness knows no limits!